It was around 1:00pm. when I was about to go to library. On the way to the front door,… there he is… The Great Teacher Onisuka!! My roommate was watching the anime series, “GTO” when some mysterious power from the darkness of halloween had pulled me down sitting in front of the TV for another 2 hours before we had to leave for Pa-Noi(ป้าน้อย)’s birthday party at 3:00pm. Pa-Noi is one of the chef at Thai Ocha, the Thai restaurant where I have gig every Saturday night.
The food was great!! It is not often when I can eat such an authentic Thai food like that. We were there until 6 o’clock and I had to start the show then the party ended, everyone leave or went back to work.

During the gig, one of the customer walked toward me. At first, I was nervous about what he had to say… Were we playing too lound?? or something like that. But guess what… He tapped my shoulder and said that we were great! He like the show!!
Wow..!! Isn’t it cool. At least, I know that the customer were please and we did a good job. It made me feel a lot better after school had reminded me how suck I am.

I couldn’t eat anything for dinner. The food from afternoon was still full in my stomach, so I went back home around 9:00pm, and went to bed not too long after that.

And today I woke up with one question… What the hack I should do for tomorrow test since I didn’t really do anything much yesterday and today is the only day left to get ready!! Oh crap!!