There are many things that I don’t think I would do in my life, and working out in the gym at 6:45am. is one of them. Scott called me two days ago and asked if I wanna go working out with him 2 – 3 times per week. The idea is great! but that I have to wake up around 6:00am. in order to be at the gym around 6:30am. and try to finish a couple set of working out programs before 7:30am. so that I can come back home, get ready for school, and go to work in the computer lab at 8:00am. is kindda tough.
Anyhow, there were many people showing up yesterday, and Scott said that normally there were more people. So… I think to myself. If people could wake up to work out that early, I could do it too. Scott and I plan to work out together agian tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I won’t wake up late… ha ha ha…. ^^;