Perhaps, it’s time to write something. After the second week of school had passed. One of the most frequency asked questions when you meet people is “how was your summer?”

Well, I already moved into a new apartment, and now I’m living alone. My brother and my ex-roommate have already gone back to Thailand. It has been awhile since the last time when I didn’t have a roommate. This could be good, perhaps, since it is so quiet at home, or I could be death with the loneliness.

Since the school started, it’s always hard for me to answer when people asked the question, “how was your summer?” I wasn’t sure what to say… It was crazy, but I didn’t know whether or not I should cry it out lound for everyone to know. But since many of my friends have already known. I guess that it is ok to talk about it.

My I-20 had expired since 31 December 2005 without notice. UNT Internation Office said that they sent 3 reminder e-mails, but I’d never seen them. Funny enough, I was in school for both Spring and Summer I and working at the computer lab all the time. UNT paid me twice a month. Guess what!? In July, I got someone from immigration office came looking for me, and I figured out later that UNT was the one that turned me in. Since it happened, I need to worry about what to do and whether or not I have to go back to my country.

As a consequence, many things had happened before the school start. Only thing I felt was that it was so unfair for a student who just forgot to renew I-20. But… what can I do?? Now I can’t work at all… Have to pay full “out of state” tuition rate. This makes me totally broke now. How sad!

Life could be suck sometimes. And it is kindda funny that my trouble right now could be fixed with money. (whether I have to go back or stay here, I’d need to spend a lot of money during the process.) and for that…. I’m sorry dad….

Another day, I went out to the UNT hearing center to be a subject in doctoral research for my friend’s friend, and guess what happened. I got ticket on the way there. Ok.. Here is a question! If I wasn’t nice and wanna help out someone who I didn’t really know, I wouldn’t have gone out that day. As a result, I wouldn’t get a ticket. Of course, I might be driving a bit faster than usual that day, but it was because I didn’t wanna be late. This was the second time of this year when I got in trouble because of trying to help someone. The first time was in Spring. I was at home and got a call from the computer lab asking me to help out the guest artist of the composition department who was trying to do something on Finale. I drove out and got hit by another car at the parking lot. It costed me $70 to fix my car. Both times, they weren’t my business at all. I was just being nice and wanna help them out.

Anyway, Buddha said that you shouldn’t let obstacle stop your good action, being nice in this case. I guess that I would do what’s supposed to be “right” and follow my believe. Right! I shouldn’t let those thing stop me.