Mr.Karn and his roommate, Mr.Nipatdh, were on their mission to get some food for lunch. They had no idea what would happen to their poor little wallet!!

It was Sunday afternoon after finishing the phone call with their family. As usual, Mr.Karn asked Mr.Nipatdh if he want to eat out. The answer was “YES” but they had no idea where to go. Mr.Karn remembered to see an ads. on TV saying that Olive Garden is holding a special event. According to the advertisement, you would pay around $6.99 for a meal. Mr.Nipatdh agreed to accompany hoping that they will get a good meal and a good prise.

Olive Garden was packed, and they had to wait for 10-15 minutes to get in. Mr.Nipatdh decided not to wait. They drove to loop 288 where Mr.Karn noticed a new reastaurant just opened.

“It is a Brazilian restaurant” said Mt.Nipatdh “it should be good.”
“Then, let’s try!!” Mr.Karn answered — having no idea what kind of restaurant it is.

The two men walked into the new restaurant unawares what would happen in the near future. Inside, they noticed two table, both are senior citizen, before them.
“This place is huge!” Mr.Karn think to himself. He began to notice that this Brazilian place is not a regualar restaurant. He noticed that the food price could be expensive, but those feeling was not strong enough to pull him off the place.

The restaurant has two sections. After you get your salad, waiters would come with many kinds of steak you can choose. It is an “all you can eat” kind of restaurant.
The food test gorgeous. Waiters came to offer all difference kinds of meat frequently. It was very impressive.

However, by that point, Mr.Karn and Mr.Nipatdh knew what to expect on the bill. They gorged as mach as they could.

The bill turn out to be $61.59 for both of them, and they paid $35 each included tip. ($70 totel), and that was 5 hours of working that Mr.Karn get paid from the music computer lab.

They laugh hard to themselve for what they had done, for their unawareness of the place they went, and for their most expensive meal in the U.S.