I should write something, huh….. !?
Since I haven’t updated anything for awhile, hmm… Let’s see..

okay, First, somehow Thai-Denton Group, the Thai Student Association, chose me to be their president. The title of the job sounds kindda cool! If I told someone who wasn’t living here, that person might think of me as some kind of smart, top leader student.. Ha Ha Ha…

Well, I didn’t say that I’m not a type of person. As the matter of fact, I was one of the leader in student committee during my undergrads years.
However, being the president of Thai Student Association does not require such high potential and is not a demanding job. It is more like “someone need to be there” type of thing. My job is to bring the organization to its goal — to aid new Thai students who need help. (mainly, I have just replied mails so far.) ^__^;

My brother seems to be suffered from school lately. He might get low score on the test or something else… Whatever.. I don’t know because he never speak it out!!
Man… This is something that has been frustrating me lately. Why can’t he just say what his problem is???