I found myself updating this blog once a month.
Well, this is not a good number.
I should have written something more often.

Sometimes I wonder whether my life is too boring that I don’t have anything to write or my laziness to write in English is just too much. (I update the Thai blog a lot more often than this blog)
Whatever that is, from this month, I will try to write more often.

Some people said that working in the music computer lab is the best job you can have on campus next to the TA and TF.
I agree… Not only you can play computer all day long during the work when it is not busy, but could you pay in-state rate for the tuition fee which is a lot cheaper than the full out of state tuition rate.

If you work in the lab 20 hours per week as I do, you would start to remember people face and know the station number that they want. At least, you would know what OS they use, Mac or PC.

I love to see people, so the job at the computer lab is kindda fun.
The only complain that I may have is my work schedule on this semester that has many days of 6 hours shift. At first, I thought that it would be nice since I can work fewer days to correct 20 hours per week. (in order to get in-state tuition, you need to work 20 hours per week) But it turned out to be such a pain because I found myself hardly managing time to study and practice.

Well, but I would say that I’m happy to work in the lab after all. ^__^;