Mario MemoriesI guess people who age more than 20 are supposed to know Mario, the classic computer game from Nintendo. The adventure of Mario to rescue princess from Kupa (the dragon, I presumed) fulled with adventure and excitement that hard to refuse. The game has so much to offer for kids. However, one thing that I had never noticed was the great of music of this game.

Well… You may say that I’m Innocent for never imagine that someone would actually play the Mario theme songs. Or even if they play, what is so great about it!?

Playing Mario Theme Song on solo instrument or put harmony to it and play on guitar or piano is cool… but what if they arrange for a whole band? I’d say that is even better!! Imagine seeing a choir or oboe quartet perform the tune in the concert hall… Now, who said that those kind of band could perform only classical music. I think the musician has wisdom to choose what to perform and they enjoy their music as well as the audience.

Check this out.. There are Mario songs I found on