Well, First, I got a new cell phone… Yeah!!!
This new phone, the Motorola V360, is the replacement model of my old one, the V300.
I got this new one after my old cell started to lose connection everytimes after being used for 10 minutes, which became a bothersome problem when I was on the phone with my family.

This phone can do just everything I ever want my phone to do. It has expandable memorycard, mp3 ringtone, camera with video feature, and mp3 player — all in one.
I can’t love my phone more than this! Though many new phone models have been integrated with PDA abilities, it is just too much for the phone in my opinion.
Actually, the purpose of the phone is to make and receive calls. That is a bottom line, but having phone that can serve some more little things is also nice.

Ok, enough with the phone.
somehow, my credit card information got stolen earlier this month. I found out on March, 8th that someone was using my credit since March, 4th. Whoever that is had been spending my credit over than $400. Luckily, because I caught the weird transaction quick enough, the bank said that they can fix the problem and change my credit account number so that noone can use that card information again.

Now I already got my new credit card with new account number. Hopefully, everything will be ok.