It has been awhile since I didn’t update anything.
Now the semester is almost over, and I’m pretty much done with classes.

Because the school was closed on last Wednesday and Thursday due to snow, my jury was moved from Thursday to Saturday afternoon. It was good that I got more time to work on my jury tune but it was also bad because I had to worried about it for two more days, plus the fact that I also had the ICE exam on Monday.

Passing the ICE is so important for me now since it would help me one step closer to graduate. Passing it means that I don’t have to worry about improve class anymore.

Well, I did the ICE today afternoon. The training of how to calm down and relax that I have been training myself didn’t work really well. And because of the worry, my finger did not move as it was supposed to be. The head of “Confirmation” was a bit off for the first A, but I did better for the rest.

Being nervous during time when I have to play in front of professors is something I really need to overcome.

It was kindda funny to think of that I couldn’t remember what I played during the test. I remembered just that I tried to play licks here and there but nothing came to my head clearly.

Anyway, I heard from my friend who was playing there that I did a good job. (for one who doesn’t know, the ICE exam is the test that I play solo with a live band.) So I guess that I’m “ok” for now.

Tomorrow is a party day! So let just forget about the ICE and enjoy ^^;

The result of the test will be posted by Wednesday… Well…. What was done is done. I did my best at a time. Whatever out come will be, there is nothing I can do.

The last final exam will be on this coming Friday, then the semester will be over.… I’m glad!!