Today I wanna write about my friends.

She had been my classmate about a year before we really started to talk.
I remember our first “actual” conversation was on the first week of last semester, and that was when we first started our friendship — I think…,and She is a cool person as I can tell.

Actually, we didn’t hang out. We just say “hi” and had short conversations from time to time.
Thanks to the Internet that allows us to post something on blogs. This girl has written many things on her blog, and that is how I know her more. To me, her blog is difference from the others. Her style of writting and her way of thinking is… hmm… what should I call it….. I would call it “sharp” or “smart” something like that… Anyway.. I like it, and that is why I’m glad to become her friend.

Last weekend was the first time that we got a chance to hang out when she agreed to accompany me to Asian grocery store.
She came along with her roommate and guess what happened!!!?

I got lost!!

Oh..boy.. it just seemed imposible for me to got lost because I have been there many many times as long as I have learned how to cook. Perhaps, it was because the bad wheather on that day made me hardly see the exit on highway.

Anyway, I’m glad that she came along. Listening to her stories was fun and that was a good time.

Someone said “when you get one thing, you lose one thing” — this is an old chinese philosophy.
At the same week(last week), another friend of mine had turned me down. We have been hanging out a lot for about one year before his attitude began to change. He started acting weird a week earlier and it got to the point that I didn’t wanna take “s..t” from him anymore.
For me, friendship has its level. When you show your attitude to your friend, it tells how close of your relationship with that person.
If you start teasing your friend like you were his close friend, and got angry when he said something back with the same atitude. That is unfair.

Or… when you asked your friend for help then denied him to show you how to solve that problem, your friend got up set with your attitude and refused to help for the next time. You said some crap and showed attitude like you got up set with your friend because he did not want to help you… What is that mean???

Anyway, this is not the first time that this kind of thing happened to me, so I would just let it go.., perhaps.