It might be when one of my favorite japanese fusion jazz group, T-Square, played Omen of Love that I got lure into the jazz realm. Though it was a small portion of jazz and I was just a high school kid, the band sounded so cool that I wanted to make it my own. There were VDO clips of T-Square concert that I found on the Internet. Masato Honda was a wind player of the T-Square playing one weird instrument with the look of wind instrument but has cable wired up just like electronic instrument. I, later, learned that it was an “EWI,” a wind controllor that allows you to blow just like wind instrument throught sound synthesizer.

Unfortunately, I can’t find that Omen of Love clip anymore. But here is the same tune by the same people that I found on

After discovering the T-Squear and EWI, my interest was pretty much on fusion jazz and later lead to smooth jazz. Something like the clip that you can see below.

Sadly, such commercial liked music are not quite welcome at UNT. I found myself learning and playing a different kind of jazz. EWI were kept into the other side of my music circle, like hobby. Until recently I discovered that the big name in Jazz such as Michael Brecker had also played EWI for a long time. Check this out and you will see the nearly unlimitted possibility of EWI.

And you might as well want to see this clip by Steve Tavaglione, the music composer for CSI series, showing what EWI could do with music studio production.