Today during the conducting class, we were talking about how to make career in music.
One of the classmate said that being a musician is like being curse because you just don’t want to do something else beside music.

Plus most of musician make less money than other career too!

Actually, this has been one of topics discussing in the class for awhile.
Neil kept telling us stories about how hard to be in music career. At the same time, he got many good stories of successful players, and I can see how great those people were. Stories like that are inspiring, but it is not like that I can see myself to become one… At least, not yet!
Sometimes, I even asked myself what I’m doing here.

Many times I see those good players in school, see their passion in music. I started to ask myself whether I have that passion or not.

Even though I’m not good yet, I can’t see myself doing something else. How would it be if I don’t play music !?

I just can’t imagine that.

Perhaps, this is why I’m still in music. I’m one of them who is cursed to have passion in music.