Ok.. There were many stuff going on though my mind in the pass few days. It started, I guess, when I got the feeling like I need to get out of here. I wanna graduate as soon as possible and fly back to Thailand where I can start something in my life — teaching, writing song, run the company with my dad, or whatever. Being in Denton is good but my life doesn’t really move anywhere. It is as if being in the time machine. When you get out, everyone had changed. They have been doing job or moving to a new thing, whereas you were still the same. Nothing has happened!!
Well, after getting that kind of feeling, I look at myself and school work that need to be done in order to graduate. Then I got stress out. I have only few classes left to be done. All I need is to improve my saxophone skill. If I were a better player, I could graduate sooner and benefit more from things around me. I feel like I wanna take a break from school for a semester and really focus on my skill so that I can come back with a better shape. Obviously my dad didn’t buy this idea – he actually said the word “I don’t buy it” – so let just forget it. I’m not certain about this idea, anyway.
I think what I should do….perhaps, transfer to the easier school… nah… that might not be a good idea. Maybe, I’m thinking too much. Just keep going and do what I’m supposed to do should be enough. I wonder when I started to have time to think of all that crazy stuff. Perhaps, I should just forget it and just go to practice. Yes, I should….